Prayer Time, Salat Time Month of October

Salat Time or we say Prayer time. Salat Time refer to time when Muslims perform prayers. Which is normally Dhuhr prayer but on Fridays, it is obligated to be prayed in a group. According to Muslim beliefs, the salat times were taught by Allah to Muhammad.

Prayer Time UAE
Prayer Time UAE

Dubai prayer time 2019

Prayer Time UAE

1Tuesday2Safar4:54 AM6:07 AM12:11 PM3:35 PM6:09 PM7:23 PM
2Wednesday3Safar4:54 AM6:08 AM12:11 PM3:35 PM6:08 PM7:22 PM
3Thursday4Safar4:55 AM6:08 AM12:11 PM3:34 PM6:07 PM7:21 PM
4Friday5Safar4:55 AM6:09 AM12:10 PM3:34 PM6:06 PM7:20 PM
5Saturday6Safar4:56 AM6:09 AM12:10 PM3:33 PM6:05 PM7:19 PM
6Sunday7Safar4:56 AM6:10 AM12:10 PM3:32 PM6:04 PM7:18 PM
7Monday8Safar4:56 AM6:10 AM12:10 PM3:32 PM6:03 PM7:17 PM
8Tuesday9Safar4:57 AM6:10 AM12:09 PM3:31 PM6:02 PM7:16 PM
9Wednesday10Safar4:57 AM6:11 AM12:09 PM3:30 PM6:01 PM7:15 PM
10Thursday11Safar4:58 AM6:11 AM12:09 PM3:30 PM6:00 PM7:14 PM
11Friday12Safar4:58 AM6:12 AM12:08 PM3:29 PM5:59 PM7:13 PM
12Saturday13Safar4:58 AM6:12 AM12:08 PM3:29 PM5:58 PM7:12 PM
13Sunday14Safar4:59 AM6:13 AM12:08 PM3:28 PM5:57 PM7:11 PM
14Monday15Safar4:59 AM6:13 AM12:08 PM3:27 PM5:56 PM7:10 PM
15Tuesday16Safar5:00 AM6:14 AM12:07 PM3:27 PM5:55 PM7:09 PM
16Wednesday17Safar5:00 AM6:14 AM12:07 PM3:26 PM5:54 PM7:08 PM
17Thursday18Safar5:01 AM6:15 AM12:07 PM3:26 PM5:54 PM7:07 PM
18Friday19Safar5:01 AM6:15 AM12:07 PM3:25 PM5:53 PM7:07 PM
19Saturday20Safar5:02 AM6:16 AM12:07 PM3:24 PM5:52 PM7:06 PM
20Sunday21Safar5:02 AM6:16 AM12:06 PM3:24 PM5:51 PM7:05 PM
21Monday22Safar5:02 AM6:17 AM12:06 PM3:23 PM5:50 PM7:04 PM
22Tuesday23Safar5:03 AM6:17 AM12:06 PM3:23 PM5:49 PM7:03 PM
23Wednesday24Safar5:03 AM6:18 AM12:06 PM3:22 PM5:48 PM7:03 PM
24Thursday25Safar5:04 AM6:18 AM12:06 PM3:21 PM5:48 PM7:02 PM
25Friday26Safar5:04 AM6:19 AM12:06 PM3:21 PM5:47 PM7:01 PM
26Saturday27Safar5:05 AM6:19 AM12:06 PM3:20 PM5:46 PM7:00 PM
27Sunday28Safar5:05 AM6:20 AM12:05 PM3:20 PM5:45 PM7:00 PM
28Monday29Safar5:06 AM6:20 AM12:05 PM3:19 PM5:44 PM6:59 PM
29Tuesday1Rabi Al-Awwal5:06 AM6:21 AM12:05 PM3:19 PM5:44 PM6:58 PM
30Wednesday2Rabi Al-Awwal5:07 AM6:22 AM12:05 PM3:18 PM5:43 PM6:58 PM
31Thursday3Rabi Al-Awwal5:07 AM6:22 AM12:05 PM3:18 PM5:42 PM6:57 PM

Source : Khaleejtimes

Aqamah will be exactly 20 minutes after Azan for all prayers except fajr which is 25 minutes and for maghrib it’s 5 minutes. Azan will be called at the same¬†time.. please keep reading blogs of for new updates.


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